Slab literally means a piece or sheet of something like a stone.

Slab ceramic is a type of ceramic made of natural materials that is produced in large dimensions and because of its material gives a natural look to the house and building. Applications of ceramic slabs in the facade of the wall and floor of the building are integrated. This ceramic is often used in the construction of large halls, halls, restaurants, cinemas, etc. Slab ceramics are made in the form of sheets or boards, and are marketed. To get acquainted with ceramic slabs, we will discuss its advantages, disadvantages and applications.

Italian tile, ceramic and stone factories started producing primary slabs in 2006. The initial slabs were thin and fragile porcelain tiles with a size of three by one meter, and after a short time, with the advent of new technologies, they became one of the most durable. Became the most beautiful and popular sizes of ceramic tiles in the market.

Today, this type of ceramic tile has been highly welcomed by users and architects due to its appearance and physical reasons.

Large ceramics have become an inescapable principle due to the reduction of fastening lines to a minimum, unique uniformity and creating enchanting simplicity and mesmerizing effects in luxury commercial and home projects.

What is the difference between ordinary ceramics and slab ceramics


The main and most important difference between ordinary ceramics and ceramic slabs is their dimensions. Ordinary ceramics are produced in dimensions with a maximum of 40-50 cm, but slab ceramics are available in larger dimensions in the market.


Slab ceramics usually produce less waste during installation.

Faster installation

Due to the fact that the installation of large ceramics requires specialized people, special installation techniques and specialized equipment, but the installation of smaller ceramics has more details and requires more time for installation, but the installation of larger ceramics requires less time for installation.

Less slurry lines

Due to the integrity of slab ceramics, they have less grout lines than small ceramics.

The use of ceramic slabs in the bathroom increases the volume and dimensions of space in the user's mind.

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